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Are you struggling to get an Impactful Master???

Do you need help getting your Masters to translate across all platforms?

Are you looking to step up your Mastering Skills?

Want to learn from a Professional Mastering Engineer?

1-2-1 Training Calls

Stereo Speaker

I offer 1-2-1 private online training sessions to help you hone your Mastering skills.

With single hourly sessions and options for multiple bookings we can go through your needs in real time using modern state of the art audio streaming software    

What do the 1-2-1 sessions cover???

My 1-2-1 sessions are very flexible to give you the support you need.


 Typical sessions include:

Mastering setup

Basic Mastering concepts

Mastering projects in real time

Mastering Techniques

Loudness Normalization & Standards

Volume Automation

Mid/Side Processing

And much much more!


£50 per hourly session or 6 x hourly sessions for £270

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