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Audio Mastering 101: A Beginners Guide to Modern Music Mastering

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About This Class

In this class, I will teach you the basic concepts of Modern Audio Mastering and show you how you can create a great-sounding ‘Release Ready’ Master.

Mastering is often seen as a ‘Dark Art’ and in this class, I will be dispelling some of the ‘Myths’ surrounding Mastering whilst teaching you the fundamental techniques that I use as a Professional Mastering Engineer. 


In this class, you will learn the basic Mastering techniques as well as background knowledge needed to ensure you create a Mastered Song that will translate well on all platforms.

The class is divided into easy-to-digest sections that include the following:

What is Mastering?

Common Mastering Terms

Loudness Normalization - The Basics

How to setup a Mastering Session

Quality Control

Limiting 101

Compression - 'Do I need a Compressor for Mastering?'


Final Export & Rendering

The skills and techniques shared in this class are the core concepts that I use in a Professional Mastering capacity. I have Mastered commercially for many artists and have worked on releasing music that is widely available. But not only is Mastering my passion but I also love to share my knowledge and have released over 90 educational videos under my brand Mastering In The Box. 


This class is very much a beginners guide to Mastering so is perfect for:

  • Anyone who wants to understand the basic concepts and knowledge required for modern music releases.

  • An Independent Musician or Band who wants to learn how to release your own music.

  • A Mixing Engineer who wants to offer a Mastering Service to your clients.

  • Someone who is looking to get into the field of Mastering as a bespoke service. 


If you fall into one of the above categories then this class will be perfect for you.

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