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My Mastering Service includes the following features:



Professional Audio Mastering

Individual Track Optimization

Personalized Attention

I use the latest techniques and equipment to ensure your music sounds amazing on all playback systems.

I optimize each track individually to ensure that each element of your music is balanced and impactful.

I work closely with you to understand your vision and goals for your music. I am dedicated to helping you achieve your desired sound.


  • £60 Per Song

  • £50 per song for 5 or more songs


Professional and comprehensive service tailored to your project and release/distribution requirements.

What does the Mastering Service include?


My Mastering Service is not just an 'add on' to the Mixing Service but a fully professional and customized service to meet your needs.


A typical mastering session may include the following:


  • FREE video consultation to discuss your requirements (if required)

  • Pre Master Editing

  • Track processing (Equalization and Compression etc.)

  • Track Automation

  • Multi song balancing for EPs and Albums

  • Loudness processing to ensure loudness optimization for your chosen release format

  • Metadata support (if required)

  • Master file pack - This will be the final Master files in the file format/s of your choice


As part of our service I also offer 3 revisions free of charge. So if there are any changes you would like made to the master I give you the peace of mind to know that I will work with you to achieve the most optimal sound.


*I only ask that all revision requests must be requested within 1 month of the original master being sent to you.


So are you ready to discuss how we can get your songs 'release ready'?

But what is Mastering and do I need it?

Any popular song that you've heard over the years will have been mastered. 

Mastering takes either a song, or group of songs, and ensures that they are balanced as a 'collective' and are pleasurable to listen to on a multitude of devices (like speakers and headphones for example), and in different listening environments.

A Typical Mastering session will include:

Quality Control

Objective Listening

Creative Enhancement

Final Presentation


Mastering is a crucial aspect of the song creation process and I can take your songs to the next level by creating the best possible listening experience for your audience.

So are you ready to discuss how we can get your songs 'release ready'?

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