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"My Mastering Service has a strong focus on the creative and emotional aspects of song creation. In the modern world of digital processing it can be difficult to set your Music apart from the crowd. My Mastering is 100% me, my ears, skills and experience and suited to get the best from your Music."

"Let me help you and your Music reach its full potential!"



I can turn this:

Did_I_Tell_YouDrums & Wires UK
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Into this:

Did_I_Tell_YouDrums & Wires UK
00:00 / 02:14
Progressive Sound Audio, Mixing and Mastering Services, Mastering Engineering, Mix Engineer, Mastering Tuition

"We are totally thrilled with the end result and the excellent mastering of the album. You managed to add the “gloss” and “polish” with expertise and Know-how that this mixing engineer doesn’t possess . Anyone reading this who needs a fantastic and sympathetic mastering engineer should look no further than Smudge and Progressive Sound"

That Sfumato Effect - 2022

A Mastering Service Designed for YOU!

I know how frustrating it can be!


You've written and recorded some great songs but what happens next?


I will mix and master your songs to create a 'Release Ready' sound that your audience will want to listen to. 


I pride myself in working with YOU to create the best sound for the songs that YOU have created!


So let's take away the stress, discuss your needs and bring your music to life!

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