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Engage inspire connect

In the modern digital world it can be difficult to set your music apart from the crowd.

My sole focus is to ensure your music captures the listener and engages, inspires and connects with your audience.


"Mastering is always metaphorically described as a 'Dark Art' and whilst it is a technical discipline, I strongly believe in using the emotional pull to drive the music"

That Sfumato Effect Album Where Are the Angels Mastered by Progressive Sound Audio
Drums & Wires UK Album Ins Outs and Roundabouts Mastered by Progressive Sound Audio

"We are totally thrilled with the end result and the excellent mastering of the album. You managed to add the “gloss” and “polish” with expertise and Know-how. Anyone reading this who needs a fantastic and sympathetic mastering engineer should look no further than Smudge and Progressive Sound Audio"

"I want to personally thank you for the outstanding job you did on the Drums & Wires EP. Your time, passion and love for what you do shines through brightly on every song."

What clients do I Master for?

Musical Artists

I provide Mastering services for all Musical Artists, whether you are a band, Singer/Songwriter, Producer/Engineer or Record Label.

I love a variety of musical genres and cater for all styles of music.

For booking enquiries please contact Smudge by using the button below.

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